Floor leveling

Floor-leveling products must fulfil many different criteria. For example, the drying time must not act as too much of a hindrance to other work that has to be done. The products must naturally withstand the loads that the floor will be exposed to and they must be easy to work with.

Our product range is designed to meet these and many other demands; and that is why our product range is extensive. Choose from products that are suitable for marine environments, industrial flooring, minor adjustments and larger floor installations. All of our floor-leveling products are also water damage stable, which means that the self-leveling compound will not change size in a harmful way even if water damage were to occur.


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Combimix develops and manufactures mineral-based products for the construction industry. Our product range includes products for floor levelling, façade plastering, rendering, concrete resurfacing and restoration mortar for cultural buildings. We conduct sales in Europe and USA.

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