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Combimix product CM 960 Super Top contributes to the industrial design feeling in the new wine hotel in Stockholm. The Winery Hotel is intended as a meeting place for wine lovers where the hotel presents its own wines and gives the guest a chance to see how wine is produced in the winery, from the freshly picked grapes to the finished wine.

The hotel focuses on wine with regard to its décor and design as well as the food it serves and the experience it provides. The owners of the hotel opened in the spring of 2016 with a desire to share their common passion for wine. The hotel has six floors, 7,500 square meters and comprises 184 rooms. The Swedish architectural firm Archus Arkitekts designed the hotel, which has an industrial character with lots of brick, polished concrete floors, steel and wood.

As the hotel focuses on industry in its design, it wanted to incorporate a concrete-like surface, which meant that Combimix industrial floor compound CM 960 Super Top was the most suitable compound to use. This despite the fact that it really is designed for completely different purposes in industry. The product has been used for floors in public spaces, such as the hotel’s lobby and in front of the lifts. The advantage of CM 960 is that it is a very durable compound, which is very stylish after it has been grinded. By grinding out the ballast and impregnating the material, it looks like concrete. CM 960 is recommended when it is cast in thinner coats, as a structural concrete can never be thinner than 10 cm, while CM 960 can be installed from 12-15 mm. The installation was carried out by Linotol AB, which specialises in industrial and specially designed floors.



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